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Abbas Cheddad
Senior Lecturer at BTH
Medical/Image Processing & Big Data


I did my PhD at the Faculty of Computing and Engineering at the University of Ulster in the UK. My PhD’s focus was on strengthening steganography in digital images. My thesis, completed in 2009, was a worthwhile contribution to knowledge in the subject area and also produced two successful international patent applications. Current ongoing research with University of Ulster involves the commercialisation and continued development of the Steganoflage algorithm to support our spin-out company, HidInImage Ltd. I received my M.Sc in Computer Science in 2005 where I secured a fellowship award from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. My work back then was dedicated to face segmentation and feature extraction, using Voronoi Triangulation, which generated multiple conference papers and a manuscript in the Pattern Recognition journal, Elsevier. I have in records 13 international, peer reviewed, Journal papers, 26 peer reviewed international conference papers, 3 patents applications, a book and a book chapter. I have won several awards, among which: faculty of Computing and Engineering best literature review prize (2008), best PhD thesis award of the Faculty of Computing and Engineering (2009) and best conference paper prize awarded by the Institution of Engineering and Technology. I have also been awarded a research grant from University of Ulster’s Innovation centre worth £7,430 and Invest NI & European Regional Development Fund worth £77074.20.

I have a good command of MATLAB®, PHP&MySQL, R, and Java and I am very familiar with the following 3D reconstruction and visualization software: NRecon, Bioptonics Viewer, Data Viewer, Volocity, Drishti and ImageJ.

### Employment

# Oct 2015 - Further notice:
Assistant. Prof/ Senior Lecturer
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Blekinge Institute of Technology, BTH.

# 2012 - Sept 2015:
I joined Karolinska Institutet (Department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics) in Stockholm as a Postdoc working on risk assessment of breast cancer via statistical image processing. I am also involved in the automation of the Cumulus software (mammography density measurement semi-automatic tool).
# 2010 - 2012:
Post-doc Researcher: I worked at Umeå Centre for Molecular Medicine (UCMM), Umeå University, Sweden. I was responsible for developing imaging algorithms to enhance the reconstruction quality of OPT (Optical Projection Tomography) data. This work culminated in the provision of a software package called DSPOPT, see below section “Open-access computer programs”, which is now provided free of charge to the research community. Several research centres in Australia (Monash University), Finland (Oulu University), UK (MRC University Unit For Human Genetics, University of Edinburgh- and Imperial College London), Denmark (Novo Nordisk Company), Czech Republic (the Academy of Sciences) and Sweden (Umeå University and Lund University) are now using this software, integrating it into commercial OPT scanners in their respective laboratories.

Peer-reviewed papers in scientific journals (17)

- Cheddad A, Czene K, Hall P and Humphreys K.(2015). Pectoral muscle attenuation as a marker for breast cancer risk in Full Field Digital Mammography. Accepted for publication in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention (CEBP). American Association for Cancer Research. PMID: 25870223. doi: 10.1158/1055-9965.EPI-14-1362.

- Brik B, Lagraa N, Lakas A, Cherroun H and Cheddad A. (2015). ECDGP: Extended Cluster-Based Data Gathering Protocol for Vehicular Networks. Accepted for publication in Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

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