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Dan Henningson
Professor, SeRC Director
+46 8 790 9004
Fluid dynamics


2014 Adaptive and model-based control theory applied to convectively unstable flows
2014 Centralised Versus Decentralised Active Control of Boundary Layer Instabilities
2014 Complexity of localised coherent structures in a boundary-layer flow
2014 Editorial : Applied mechanics reviews
2014 Mutual inductance instability of the tip vortices behind a wind turbine
2014 On the near-wall vortical structures at moderate Reynolds numbers
2014 Optimal disturbances above and upstream of a flat plate with an elliptic-type leading edge
2014 Recurrent Bursts via Linear Processes in Turbulent Environments
2014 Turbulence and laminarisation in the spatially extended asymptotic suction boundary layer
2014 Untitled
2014 Wake characteristics of high-speed trains with different lengths
2013 Feedback control of instabilities in the two-dimensional Blasius boundary layer : The role of sensors and actuators
2013 Localized edge states in the asymptotic suction boundary layer
2013 Minimal transition thresholds in plane Couette flow
2013 Output Feedback Control of Blasius Flow with Leading Edge Using Plasma Actuator
2013 Riccati-less approach for optimal control and estimation : an application to two-dimensional boundary layers
2013 Stabilization of the Spectral Element Method in Convection Dominated Flows by Recovery of Skew-Symmetry
2013 Stabilization of a swept-wing boundary layer by distributed roughness elements
2013 Transition delay in a boundary layer flow using active control
2012 Bifurcation and stability analysis of a jet in cross-flow : onset of global instability at a low velocity ratio
2012 Coherent structures and dominant frequencies in a turbulent three-dimensional diffuser
2012 Flow structures around a high-speed train extracted using Proper Orthogonal Decomposition and Dynamic Mode Decomposition
2012 Mode Decomposition on Surface-Mounted Cube
2012 Nonlinear receptivity to oblique vortical modes in flow past an elliptic leading edge
2012 Self-similar transport of inertial particles in a turbulent boundary laye
2012 Self-Sustained Localized Structures in a Boundary-Layer Flow
2012 Spatial optimal growth in three-dimensional compressible boundary layers
2012 Swept-wing boundary-layer receptivity
2012 Swept wing boundary-layer receptivity to localized surface roughness
2011 The effect of small-amplitude convective disturbances on the size and bursting of a laminar separation bubble
2011 Feedback control of three-dimensional optimal disturbances using reduced-order models
2011 Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics and the Optimal Path to Turbulence in Shear Flows
2011 Secondary threshold amplitudes for sinuous streak breakdown
2011 Self-sustained global oscillations in a jet in crossflow
2011 Stability of a jet in crossflow
2011 Transition delay using control theory
2010 Description of complex flow behaviour using global dynamic modes
2010 Direct numerical simulation of separated flow in a three-dimensional diffuser
2010 Entropy generation rate in turbulent spots in a boundary layer subject to freestream turbulence
2010 Flow field eigenmode decompositions in aeroacoustics
2010 Flow past a plate with elliptic leading edge: layer response to free-stream vorticity
2010 Formation of turbulent patterns near the onset of transition in plane Couette flow
2010 Global three-dimensional optimal disturbances in the Blasius boundary-layer flow using time-steppers
2010 Linear control of 3D disturbances on a flat-plate
2010 Model Reduction of the Nonlinear Complex Ginzburg-Landau Equation
2010 Optimal disturbances with iterative methods
2010 Receptivity to free-stream vorticity of flow past a flat plate with elliptic leading edge
2010 Reduced-order models for flow control: balanced models and Koopman modes
2010 Secondary optimal growth and subcritical transition in the plane Poiseuille flow
2010 Simulations of heat transfer in a boundary layer subject to free-stream turbulence
2010 Simulations of spatially evolving turbulent boundary layers up to Re(theta)=4300
2010 Spatial Optimal Disturbances in Three-Dimensional Boundary Layers
2010 Spatial optimal growth in three-dimensional boundary layers
2010 Stability analysis of the tip vortices of a wind turbine
2010 Stripy patterns in low-Re turbulent plane Couette flow


Year Title
2014 Assembly level vectorization of compute intensive kernels in Nek5000 [ENDED]
2010 Studies of transition in Couette flow
2010 Tools for Visualisations with Simson
2009 Bifurcation and stability analysis of a jet in crossflow
2009 Numerical simulation of generation of sound in separated internal flows
2007 Adjoint-based linear and nonlinear optimisation in wall-bounded shear flow
2007 Simulations of turbulent boundary layers with passive scalars
2007 Spectral-element simulations of turbulent separation
  Numerical experiments in a virtual wind tunnel
  WALLPART - Inertial Particles in developing wall turbulence