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ContextVision is a leading provider of image enhancement software to the global medical imaging industry, with the versatile GOP® technology at the core of all their imaging solutions. They have expertise within ultrasound, x-ray, magnetic resonance imaging, mammography, fluoroscopy and computed tomography and they deliver 2D/3D/4D image enhancement for these modalities.


The collaboration between SeRC and ContextVision focuses on the ultrasound modality, which can be difficult to understand due to the large proportion of noise in the signal. The SeRC Visualization Community transfers knowledge on how to visualize the noisy ultrasound data while ContextVision provides expertise about the image processing, the modality and the challenges faced by the clinicians.


The collaboration is tight and has resulted in the creation of Vistinct; a spin-off company founded by members of the SeRC Visualization Community. The visualization expertize provided to ContextVision will ensure that the algorithms developed through SeRC is used in practice and that new research ideas can be brought back to the community. This has opened up new opportunities for further collaboration and research with some of the other modalities that ContextVision deals with on a daily basis.



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Isabelle Wegmann Hachette,