Industry collaboration - Lightlab of Sweden

Industry collaboration - Lightlab of Sweden


This collaboration, also supported by the Swedish Energy Agency (STEM), aims at developing new phosphors for use in field emission lamps, taking account of the outstanding lighting properties of colloidal quantum dots. Such dots are modeled and fabricated at the department of Theoretical Chemistry and Biology at the Bio school of KTH, and are characterized at the facilities of Lightlab Sweden AB. The dots are developed with focus on efficient energy conversion, on light quality, mechanical, chemical and thermal stability, environmental friendliness and, cost of production. The collaboration has proceeded in two steps (as funded by STEM), where the results of the first STEP, ending in 2013, were a set of quantum dot prototypes, which have demonstrated good light qualities. We are now in the process of upscaling both the production and the testing to reach a product of high market value.  E-science development and theoretical modeling have formed a prerequisite for reaching these results.



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