Industry collaboration – Scania

Industry collaboration – Scania


The collaborative efforts span a large range of activities since the start of SeRC which have led to a substantial knowledge transfer both in terms of high performance computing, large data storage but also an increased understanding about the challenges and demands industry are facing and how academy can help industry to meet these demands.


To aid the knowledge transfer common workshops have been arranged and a number of possible master thesis projects have been identified. So far two master thesis projects have been executed and two PhD-projects are currently ongoing. A common theme for these projects is a need for large-scale high performance computing (HPC) resources and large memory nodes for pre- and postprocessing purposes and through the collaboration Scania could get access to and evaluate these resources.


The access to the HPC cluster Lindgren and the help from the application experts have also made it possible to benchmark commercial codes and their scalability and even put pressure on the simulation software vendors to improve the performance by also giving them access to Lindgren. This has resulted in more than a fivefold decrease in time for transient complete truck simulation to assess external aerodynamic phenomena.


So far the master thesis projects have been within the area of fluid dynamics. The topics have dealt with improving the cooling airflow in the underhood compartment of the truck and the other project investigated the savings in terms of drag reduction when driving trucks in convoy at close distance.



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