Industry collaboration – FOI & SAAB Group

Industry collaboration – FOI & SAAB Group


The collaboration with the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI) and SAAB Group within SeRC mostly evolves around a number of 7th framework EU-projects. This is built upon a long-term collaboration since the early nineties, which has resulted in a number of software currently used at SAAB and FOI.  Recently, the activities have moved towards large-scale simulations of transition and receptivity in three-dimensional flows with applications related to aeronautical industry (e.g. flow over wings). So far this has resulted in the projects listed below:


  • Robustness of distributed micron-sized roughness-elements for transition control
  • Effect of low freestream turbulence on crossflow instability
  • Stabilisation of a swept wing boundary layer by distributed surface roughness
  • Optimal initial perturbations in streamwise corner-flow
  • Flow analysis and control in complex geometry using plasma actuators
  • Development of shape-optimization tools for laminar-wing design based on the adjoint methods (including RANS models)
  • Direct numerical simulations of flow over whole wing, from freestream upstream of the leading edge to the wake behind the wing


The transition towards large-scale simulations has been made possible by long-term commitment from application experts as well as the computational resources at PDC.



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Ardeshir Hanifi,

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