Industry collaboration – Sectra

Industry collaboration – Sectra


Sectra provides industry-leading medical imaging IT solutions. They have more than 20 years’ experience in delivering and servicing complete radiology solutions, big and small. The focus has been solely on medical imaging IT products and innovation.


The collaboration between SeRC and Sectra is continuous, tight and extensive. The most prominent benefit is the bi-directional knowledge transfer in the visualization domain. Sectra learns about state-of-the-art research achievements from the SeRC interaction, including quite practical and directly applicable algorithm implementation knowledge. Sectra contributes, primarily to the SeRC Visualization Community, with the specific challenges they face in diagnostic imaging in clinical routine.


A particularly valuable organizational setup is that Sectra’s Research Director Claes Lundström is personally engaged in SeRC both as research leader, research collaborator and advisory council member, which means that the exchange channel is constantly open and active. There is a SeRC PhD student under Anders Ynnerman working with challenges in medical visualization highly relevant for Sectra. Other collaboration activities include joint work with Timo Ropinski’s group regarding research on visualization table technology and master’s thesis projects. Furthermore, Sectra has been engaged in conferences organized by Timo Ropinski and Anders Ynnerman such as VCBM 2012 and SIGRAD 2013.



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Claes Lundström,