SeRC Affiliated Faculty

All senior researchers associated to SeRC take part in the SeRC affiliated faculty. By being an affiliated faculty member the researcher can attend and contribute to SeRC activities such as the annual meeting, workshops, courses or seminars. The researcher also becomes part of a network of e-Science scientists which provides possibilities for interaction with colleagues with complementary e-Science skills. The researcher is offered  active participation in the activities of a suitable SeRC community, and can participate in SeRC projects by supervision of PhD-students and collaborations with other SeRC researchers.


Affiliated faculty also have access to SeRCs research infrastructure, including SeRC application experts at the computer centers PDC, and NSC, as well as access to the Visualization Center, Norrköping, and Visualization-Interaction-Collaboration Center (VIC), KTH. SeRC also informs about possible national and international collaborations with other research groups as well as industry. The affiliated faculty member can further apply for SeRC funding and use SeRCs name to apply for external funding after consulting with the community coordinator and the SeRC steering group. SeRC also monitors research funding opportunities, and give the researcher the opportunity to participate in relevant applications.


The e-Science related research of the affiliated faculty is presented as a part of SeRC and the researcher has SeRC as affiliation in publications and conference presentations. To become an affiliated faculty member the researcher has to sign an agreement specifying the conditions for affiliation.