SeRC Visualization Workshop

Event start: 2012-05-21 10:00
Event end: 2012-05-21 14:30

SeRC - Visualization Workshop
Visualization Challenges in eScience

The SeRC Visualization workshop will take place at the Norrköping Visualization Center C and shall bring together domain and core SeRC members to discuss visualization related challenges within the SeRC context.


10:00-10:05 Timo Ropinski (LiU) - Opening
10:05-10:20 Anders Ynnerman (LiU) - Visualization Center C
10:20-10:35 Björn Thuresson (KTH) - VIC Visualization Studio
10:35-10:50 Timo Ropinski (LiU) - Scientific Visualization Methods
10:50-11:05 Alexander Bock (LiU) - The Voreen Visualization Framework
11:05-11:25 Coffee Break
11:25-11:35 Tino Ebbers (CMIV) - Medical Visualization at CMIV
11:35-11:45 Lars Arvestad (SciLifeLab) - Visualizing Gene Evolution
11:45-11:55 Berk Hess (KTH) - Visualization of Atomistic Simulations of Bio-Molecules and Nano-Flow
11:55-12:05 Philipp Schlatter (KTH) - Visualization and Large Turbulence Simulations
12:05-13:30 Lunch
13:30-13:40 Igor Abrikosov (LiU) - Visualization for Material Modeling: Ideas and Challenges
13:40-13:50 Mathieu Linares (LiU) - Charge Transport in Disordered Molecular Systems
13:50-14:00 Lars Bergqvist (KTH) - Atomistic Spin Dynamics and Spin Caloritronics
14:00-14:10 Rodrigo Caballero (SU) - Visualisation in Weather and Climate
14:10-14:30 Discussion & Closing Remarks